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Are you trying to nurture new leads or are you thinking of re-engaging your older prospects? Are you looking to create a path-breaking loyalty program or are you planning to generate the biggest audience for your stand alone event?
We help you device a structured solution to all your requirements and add all the specific rules, action and trigger points to an exceptionally thought out program design.

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A Glimpse of Our Expertise

A customized Engagement Design for Norton on Brand Awareness
Security on Wheels

A high visibility activity “Security on wheels” to boost brand recall achieved with a branded VAN moving across North India.

A stimulus for lead generation to boost your business
Are You Social Media Charged ?

A sales incentive program acting as a spark for sales representatives generating leads and converting them for the benefit of your business.

A perfect solution to generate sales qualified leads and promote business
Stamp on Each Sale

A theme based communication tailor made for business development and generating leads for successful conversions

What We Do

Our particularly well-trained and well informed team has the knowhow and expertise to set the wheels in motion and serve you a platter of the finest ideas

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March 2017

Over the past 20 years, Kestone has evolved into an integrated marketing services company in a highly competitive business landscape. Few have dared to explore the space of Integrated Marketing Services as we have and stayed for so long in the business, creating new benchmarks in marketing services.

Over the years, there have been many significant milestones for the company—a research start-up in 1997, Going through a name change in 2006 and taking first step in becoming an IMS organization; In 2008, we got acquired by Career Launcher; In 2012 we dared to become a complete integrated solutions company; launched the highly-successful annual Young India Challenge, an innovative quiz platform for school students, in 2012; started Singapore operations in 2015 and crossed the Rs 100-crore mark in 2015-16 and launched MeltingPot (a platform for innovation in research and for collaboration between corporate and academia) in 2016. In 2017, we want to mark a new shift. A new beginning, a rebirth if you will. One that is based on the foundation of our very name-Kestone.