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Sports Day EDM Designs
Nokia Sports Day

An email campaign to get the adrenalin rushing for the sports activities . From motivating them to announcing winners in the various categories, edms were designed to excite, motivate and get maximum participation.

Online engagement screen for employees
Online Engagement for employees

Theme based communication to ignite the fire in employees. The designs of the incentive programs acted as a spark for sales representatives to generate leads and convert them into business.

Showcase of Office branding
IBM office branding

A showcase of solutions, collaborations and case studies from an IBM perspective. Designed and positioned to give employees a feeling of pride in the diverse solutions of IBM

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What Made Me Love Event Management


February 2017

Let me start with a bit of statistics. According to a report by EY the total worth of Event Industry is going to be INR 5779 crore in 2016-17 FY which is a decent growth of 15% from last FY. And this business is managed by a little more than 500 organised event companies with an average of 84 employees per company. And 60% of the business comes from the Top 10 players in the market. So practically the entire event industry is run by merely 5000 employees. What are these people? Supermen and Superwomen?? If you compare Infosys and the event industry as per the revenue Vs manpower, one person in Infosys handles a business of 35 Lacs and in events it is 1.2 cr.. Whoa!!!

So what makes these crazy people stick to this job and grow the industry?