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Bringing Innovation through Quizzing By Mr. Gautam Puri, Co-Founder, Career Launcher, Vice Chairperson & MD, CL Educate

Quizzes are becoming interactive platform for students to realize their potential and get into a habit of creative thinking from an early age...

Brands should be aware about customers’ interestsBy Piyush Gupta, President, Kestone

You can’t decide market plans by sitting in a conference room. The market environment is so fast that sometimes you don’t know what is trending. It is important to talk to customers and know what they are buying, brands should know about customer’s interests.

The Power of Integrated Marketing CommunicationBy Abhilash Mathew, Vice President, Kestone

With the change in the communication practices and communication technology, integration in marketing techniques is inevitable for the companies to survive in this multi- cultural/ national emerging world.

How Dell EMC Trained PSR's with a 3-City Conclave

Dell EMC channel conclave was hosted by Kestone with the objective of connecting with Partner Sales Representatives (PSRs) and Partner CEOs to network and upgrade them with the latest Technology /process Dell EMC has to offer.

In a world with AI jobs, these are the skills HR should focus onBy Niharika Jalan, Head-Training

Within organizations, companies are turning to programs to equip their workforce. Many organizations are increasingly adopting innovative and fun ways to keep the participants engaged. This includes; specific role playing games, gamified tools, one to one coaching and digital learning platforms”.

It’s employees who drive biz profitabilityBy Niharika Jalan, Head-Training

Nearly 1.5 million engineers graduate every year and firms roughly reject 52.21 per cent of them because they are not soft skill trainable. There is immediate need to map the courses and curriculum to make students industry-ready.

Realities In Digital MarketingBy Piyush Gupta, President, Kestone

In the coming years, brace yourself for a new range of experiences that will fundamentally change the way many of us do work. The increasing demand of AR and VR technology from verticals such as consumer, aerospace defence, medical etc. have caught marketer's attention too who are constantly looking out for new ways to woo their consumers.

Here's how GST will impact the advertising industryBy Saurabh Mishra, Head-Digital

Media buying activities will suffer a major impact due to the implementation of GST as it is where the major tax component and agencies bill clients according to the media spends. He too said that the tax will move higher for the advertising industry from the current 15% to now 18% under GST.

Understanding the new diversity in the workplaceBy Alok Kumar, Head-HR

Organizations are learning how to tap into an increasingly diverse workplace, one that’s varied not only gender or race but age, culture and even geography. Engaging with a new generation can be a challenge but HR teams are finding a way around it.

NEXA: It’s all about experiencesBy Meenakshi Mehta, Head-Marcom

Banking on NEXA’s success, Maruti Suzuki India (MSIL) is harnessing the premium retail channel to create newer formats of lifestyle experiences. NEXA currently operates over 250 outlets...

Let’s have a potential review By Alok Kumar, Head-HR

Annual performance review is a testing time for both the employee and the organization. In recent times many companies are moving away from year-end ratings that don’t take potential into consideration.

Redefining Learning and Development By Niharika Jalan, Head-Training

Learning and Development (L & D) has been an important part of successful Organisations for quite some time now. Several multinational organizations in India have even invested...

The Future of Content Marketing By Meenakshi Mehta, Head-Marcom

Videos have become an inseparable part of digital content consumers.Social networks like YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat are emerging to be the new consumer tools of content video….

Think Training, Think Digital By Piyush Gupta,President, Kestone

The world is hurtling towards a culture of ease. Product designs are dictated by considerations of ready access and quicker response. In fact, this thinking permeates all spheres of activity, which include ...

2016 NOT QUITE THE HIGH OF 2015 Quoted By Indu Kannan, AVP, Kestone

Festivals are the time when marketers have to reach out to their audience in a limited time period for which they need a mix of channels to create the desired impact in sales.

Vlog is the new blog By Meenakshi Mehta, Head-Marcom

Ever wondered what your favourite brand would like if it was a person? There is a unique persona of every successful brand we consume or come across on a regular basis.

Turning Students Into Innovators By Indu Kannan, AVP, Kestone

A new vision for education must include producing a skilled workforce for a globally-competitive economy. If one were to map the history of power, it can clearly be traced to shifts in knowledge among countries.

Reviewing the Employee? Do It More Often. By Alok Kumar, Head-HR

Bucking the global trend, Indian firms are increasing the frequency of employee reviews. A few years ago, everyone wanted to be “cool” and build ...